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Laundry Management Software 1
Laundry Management Software 2


Step 1: Enter your details and shops(retails shops) Step 2: Update the rate list, preferences, items, and other information(One time) Step 3: Add service type(dry-cleaning, laundry, sewing), then add the cloth items, their  images, and price(One time) Step 4: Your software is ready to serve, the customers can request service through website, or store walk-in. Step 5: Track pickup, delivery, service, and receipt details.
Laundry Management Software 3
Best POS features:
  • Get email and SMS notification
  • Print receipts
  • Bar-codes and RFID scanners
  • Full customization
  • Works everywhere: PC, Desktop, Mobile and tablet
Laundry Management Software 4
Manage smartly:
  • Access from anywhere
  • Customer and business invoicing
  • Account integrations
Laundry Management Software 5
Pickup and delivery
  • Embed the ordering tool into your website
  • Online payment support
  • Route planning and fleet management
  • Locker integration
Laundry Management Software 6
Multi store
  • Manage laundry workflow for multiple stores
  • View metrics of all stores on one page
  • Link customers and products lists across all stores
  • Export data across stores with one click