Laundry Dry Cleaning Software with Android POS Terminal 

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Laundry Dry Cleaning Software

A powerful, easy to use laundry management software for laundry and dry cleaning retail outlets. Our software manages entire laundry business with easy to use interface and cost effective pricing. You take care of your business while we take care of your software system

Corporate & Industrial Laundry

A proven software for corporate, B2B only laundrettes, hotel and hospitals to manage their customer garments with ease of use interface and features. With order booking,  dispatch, invoicing and numerous reports helps you to manage your business effectively.


Laundry Plant Management

Manage your laundry plants effectively with our productivity monitoring solutions such as machine efficiency, process tracking, production batch management, employee performance monitoring and automate processes of the plant using RFID and IoT


Online Dry Cleaning Software

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The Best Dry Cleaning Software

A Versatile dry cleaning software take care of your business from customer handling to garment delivery in most easier way

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Corporate and Industrial Laundry Software

HexaPOS offers state of the art laundry management system suitable for corporate and industrial laundries.  A fully excel import based customer, article and price list data, empowers every industrial and corporate laundry a lot.

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Laundry Plant Management System

HexaPOS offers laundry plant management system for large laundry plants, hotels and hospitals which helps to streamline their business operation more efficiently


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Your business grows exponentially  using our laundry software. Run your laundry business from anywhere

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RFID, Barcode and QR Code integration helps your business to grow faster satisifed customer list

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Barcode taffeta label printing soluton for the laundry bags and garments make your life easier than before

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Corporate laundry software designed specifically for the industrial laundry customers around the world.

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User level dashboard, SMS and email notification helps your business to stay in top at all time

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Microssoft Azure cloud helps your business to work seamlessly without any data loss or downtime


HexaPOS Laundry & Dry Cleaning Software  

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Mobile App for Laundry Booking

HexaPOS offers three types of mobile apps which meets your every need. A complete booking, delivery, accounting enabled software on mobile, driver app for garments pick and drop and customer self booking app. 

7 Days Free Trial

Experience the power of HexaPOS laundry and dry cleaning software using free trial valid for 7 days with all the features. We can provide walk-through demo at your convenient time to explain it’s features