Laundry Solutions

Hexahash caters end to end solutions for the laundry and dry cleaning industry. We provide consulting, development, implementation and training for the laundry management system.

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Our Features

Everything You’ll Need In Laundry Business

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Laundry POS

A Point of Sale System for Laundry Business – meets all your requirements

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Customer Management

Customer Management and Analysis keep your customer base stronger

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Laundry Plant Management

HexaPOS LPMS designed for better productivity and efficiency of the plant

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Outlet Management

Outlet management involves a team work – we made it easier for you

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Accounting and Inventory

Inventory and Accounting – an integral part of the laundry business 

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Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry software helps you succeed in managing the business

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Barcode & RFID

Barcode & RFID helps you to automate processes and events in laundry 

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We provide better hardware suggestion, consulting and integration 

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Mobile App for Management

Manage your business using our mobile app made for laundry industry

Commercial Laundry Management

Industrial Laundry Management

Institutional Laundry Management

Laundry Productivity Monitoring System

Application designed for use in every division of a laundry operation, with the focus on productivity, efficiency and profitability of the business

Increase Profit

Streamline booking of orders, packing, invoicing and dispatching. Cloud enabled solution facilitates GPS tracking as well as RFID tracking helps where the materials are in and who, what and when analysis.

Increase Performance

HexaPOS LPMS offers improved operator performance, maximise resource utilization, accurately define linen processing efficiency and delivery to the customer

Increase Productivity

HexaPOS captures the productivity data on every phase of the facility to take a informed decision on your business process. Real-Time information streaming from various sources offers clear view of the performance by department,equipment, process, inventory or employee

Increase Capacity

Track equipment downtime, maintenance activities, and dive deeper into the top equipment failures to help improve overall equipment availability which directly relates to the capacity and delivery

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RFID Integration

Hexahash provides RFID integration into your existing laundry operation. Either its a small retail outlet or large laundry unit, we serve both equally.

3rd Party Application Integration

We are more than a laundry solution provider. We can integrate your laundry business data with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or any other 3rd party applications.

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